Effective urine collection for women with urine incontinence is an area of women’s healthcare that has been slow to make change and is often times ignored. The current processes often lead to suffering and a low quality of life.

UriCap Female, the first leak-free and external urine collection device for women changes all this!

Urine is a toxic waste product from the body that needs to be collected and disposed of in a controlled fashion.
It is also collected to monitor health and diagnose disease.

TillaCare is now bringing to market a cutting-edge urine collection and management system that aims to improve quality of life and reduce health risks for incontinent adults as well as help sampling urine for test purposes.

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Our product

A revolution in urine management. UriCap Female is a non-invasive, external urine collection device designed to fit the female anatomy around the urethra. It connects to a standard urine drainage bag. UriCap helps prevent contact between urine and the skin, a common reason for skin irritation. UriCap is particularly useful for patients at night or that are bedridden and suffer from urinary incontinence.

The device offers an innovative solution for patients in nursing homes, homecare or hospitals. UriCap is the only external alternative to an internal catheter for monitoring urine, a common problem among elderly. UriCap Female is patent pending and registered as an FDA 510k exempt medical device.

Easy to install for medical personnel.

Comfortable, protecting skin from urine, odor and wetness.

Easy to measure urine volume and color for hydration status.

“The device is a significant innovation in geriatric medicine and will contribute greatly to improving the quality of life of patients suffering from urinary incontinence and minimizing the serious consequences of this condition. The device has several advantages for patients as well as for the medical team. The same is true for treatment in hospitals when the device is used as a replacement for a catheter.”

Ali Asakla MA.ScDirector of Moryah long-term care unit Shefaram.

”UriCap Female is a unique solution for women and the only fixed external urine collection device that totally avoids the odor of urine, keeping the patient dry and thus avoiding the toxic effect of urine on the skin. At the same time, it enables the monitoring of dehydration status because UriCap Female allows you to observe the volume and the color of the urine.”

Dr Michael Cohn, MD.


Outstanding clinical results

3 nursing homes in Israel (2017)
756 tests performed
30 female patients
100% performance (leakage-free & functioning)
Zero adverse events



(Likert scale)

The following abstract was published in a poster that was approved and presented
by Dr Daniel Altman at the Swedish Association for Obstetrics and Gynecology Conference.
August 27-29, 2018 in Uppsala Sweden.


UriCap Female role in fighting Covid-19
In any healthcare or homecare setting, the UriCap Female decreases the number of necessary care interactions related to frequent diaper changes. Accordingly, UriCap Female can be recommended to be part of a strategy to prevent transmission of the Covid-19 virus for elderly female patients and staff alike.
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Pad per day usage, urinary incontinence and urinary tract infections in nursing home residents
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Urinary incontinence in nursing homes for older people
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  • “The device met all expectations; no leaks were observed during the hours of use and during the whole night. 
    In addition, the device was convenient, easy to install and when used long-term also resulted in an improvement of the patient’s skin condition.”

    Yelena, Head nurse of Nursing Home Brat, Carmiel
  • “The installation was easy, I did not feel any pain. It was comfortable during the whole night and I had no leaks. I could sleep all night long.”

    Tatiana, 86, Nursing home Moriah's estate, Shefaram
  • “The device was comfortable and I slept all night long, I could move freely and it was not leaking.”

    Esther, 78, Nursing home Moriah's estate, Shefaram
  • “The device was good because they could monitor my urine”

    Sargi, 74, Nursing home Moriah's estate, Shefaram
  • “Since I’m working a lot of nights, I got a very good impression from the UriCap Female:
    The patient kept dry all night and slept better than usual.”

    Nurse, During a clinical trial in one of the Israeli hospital

About TillaCare

TillaCare (previously known as GR Dome Medical) was established by experts in medicine and technology in Israel and Sweden who were disappointed with the lack of innovation and effective solutions for urine collection in chronic urine incontinence.

TillaCare‘s mission is to bring to market cutting edge urine collection for incontinent men & women that dramatically reduces health risks, costs, and increases comfort as well as preventing social isolation.

Effective urine management

Urine incontinence is a major contributor to hospitalization and admittance to long-term care for elderly men and women.

Today’s solutions for women are either an invasive catheter or an external diaper. Both have major disadvantages. For men there is an alternative with the external condom catheter. There are no widely adopted options for women.

A major health concern

TillaCare has developed the first easy to use external and leak-free urine collection device for women.

The team at TillaCare has after four years of experimenting managed to design the first easy to use external and leak-free urine collection device for women that will revolutionize the care of elderly and incontinent women.

News & Press

BioDerm, Inc. Begins Distribution in Home Care Markets of a New Revolutionary Female Incontinence Device From TillaCare, Ltd | Newswire

TillaCare, Ltd. is proud to announce our new strategic partnership with Bioderm, Inc. Bioderm, Inc. began distribution of the UriCap Female to the home market in August 2022.

This partnership has enabled women with incontinence to have affordable access to the UriCap for at-home use, including use of Medicare and many insurances. This collaboration demonstrates our shared passion to improve the lives of patients suffering from urinary incontinence.

Phenomenal is one word to describe ANCC Magnet Conference 2021 in Atlanta, GA. The TillaCare team was energized by the positive responses and inquiries to the UriCap Female. The UriCap Female is a safe, comfortable, non-invasive external urine collection device requiring no external suction and no adhesives. 

Talking directly with exceptional nurses and leaders at prominent Magnet organizations reinforced why TillaCare chose ANCC Magnet 2021 to showcase the UriCap Female:  An innovative approach to female incontinence is imperative now. We are excited to offer a solution for females experiencing incontinence, UTIs, CAUTI, incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD), and Moisture-Associated Skin Damage (MASD) and to organizations addressing these clinical issues. 

The UriCap Female is for use by trained healthcare professionals.

Reducing the risk of Indwelling Catheter – Associated UTI in female patients by implementing an alternative female external urinary collection device 
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Pad per day usage, urinary incontinence and urinary tract infections in nursing home residents
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Urinary incontinence in nursing homes for older people
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UriCap Female Data Sheet

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