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TillaCare has put together several helpful training tools for you to learn how to use the UriCap as easy as possible. Please start with our short application instructions video below. Learn more from the many informative documents available for downloading.

Resources - Home Use

Download to learn: View these guides to learn more about using the UriCap. Click to download.

Female IFU
UriCap Female Consumer User Guide
Female IFU
Securement Device Quick Reference Guide
Female IFU
Female IFU

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FAQ - Questions and answers

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Does the patient need to be shaved in the area of application?

No, the patient does not need to be shaved in the area.

How frequently should the UriCap Female be changed?

The UriCap Female is intended for up to 24 hours use and it should be changed daily.

Can the UriCap Female be reused?

No, the UriCap is a single use device, and should be discarded in the medical waste disposal after use.

Is it safe to use the UriCap Female?

Yes, the UriCap Female is a clean product, made from high grade medical silicone and has the necessary regulatory approvals from each country where it is sold.

Can a patient walk around with the device?

UriCap is recommended for nighttime and in-bed use. UriCap can be used when transferring from bed to chair and with position changes. The UriCap Female is not designed for use while walking.

Can the device be used while wearing underwear?

Underwear is not recommended while using the UriCap. This is because after initial placement movements in the area can disrupt the seal.

What should be done in case of a patient’s fecal incident?

Do not remove the UriCap Female. Clean the area of all fecal matter. The UriCap Female protects the urethra from fecal matter.

What should be done if urine flow has stopped?

Check if there is a leak and then check if there is uninterrupted flow in the urine tube. Correct any tube twisting or kinking that may have occurred.

What should be done if a leakage* is observed?

Check that the UriCap Female is in full contact with the skin around the urethra, then verify the following steps:

  • The device is completly covered by the outer labia.
  • The inner labia is not located under the UriCap Female
  • The UriCap and the extension tube are firmly connected.
  • The extension tube and the urine bag are firmly connected.

* It is recommended to monitor leakage and tube positioning each time patient care and wet check is performed.

What should be done in order to prevent accidental pulling out of the UriCap Female?

Use medical tape or a securement device to secure the extension tube to the inner thigh. Leave some slack to prevent pulling during movement. Move the urine bag to the correct position before turning the patient. Make sure movement of the user is done carefully so as not to displace the UriCap Female.

If a patient complains about discomfort some time after the application, what should be done?
  • Check if the device is covered by both the inner and outer labia and did not slide into the vaginal opening or dislocate from the area surrounding the urethra. Correct the position.
  • Make sure that the inner labia is not caught under the device.
  • Check for redness, irritation, a wound, bleeding or secretions. If so, remove the device and consult the physician.