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We are committed to developing innovative solutions for urine collection that improve the lives of people around the world. On this page, you’ll find information about our founders, our team, and our journey to change the way we think about urine incontinence.

This is our story

The UriCap Female - the road from concept to market



  • TillaCare Ltd owns patents granted for the UriCap device (female urinary device) in the US, China and Israel.
  • Patented:

US patent No.: 11,666,474

Chinese patent No.: ZL201880024766.X

Israeli patent No.: 269605

  • Patent examinations are in progress in several other countries.
  • TillaCare Ltd owns patents granted for a device and method for external urinary incontinence treatment for men in the US, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Israel.


  • Design patent for the UriCap device is registered in: US, Israel, Europe, China, Canada, Japan, S. Korea.
How it all started

TillaCare Ltd, formerly known as GR Dome Medical, was established 2013 by experts in medicine and technology from Israel and Sweden. Our founding experts shared a disappointment in the limited chronic urine incontinence market and recognized the lack of innovation in urine collection devices and the need for more effective solutions for those who suffer.


By 2015 the company had developed a patented external male urine collection device, the UriCap Male. We quickly learned that women's needs were larger and underdeveloped. In 2017, we produced the first prototype of a fully functional UriCap Female device, without need for glue or suction. During 2019, we finalized design and certification, and launched clinical studies and initial sales of our second-generation device. During Covid, we succeeded in conducting further testing and studies that led to a few minor adjustments, and in 2022, full production began and the third generation UriCap went to market, selling in the US and Israel with full regulatory approvals and patents.


  • The UriCap Female is certified for safety in all regions where the product is available, including CE and FDA.


  • TillaCare, TillaCap, TillaCatch, UriCap & UriFic.

Our vision

The UriCap Female becomes the first choice for Urine Collection in women to manage uncontrolled Urine Incontinence and Urine Sampling, significantly improving women's health and contributing to a more sustainable world.

Our mission

TillaCare is set on transforming the urine collection market with innovative devices engineered for positive user experience and improved quality of life. Our urine collection devices and products will reduce dependency on existing technologies, and the risks and disadvantages associated with them. We are designing our products to be safer and more comfortable, to allow patients to reclaim their dignity and health in the safest possible way.

Our goal is an organic transition in urine collection where health care providers, professionals, and caregivers request to work with us as they witness the improved outcome of care and the excellent support we provide. Ultimately, TillaCare strives to provide sustainable solutions, to decrease waste, environmental impact and elevate antibacterial stewardship, thus making our world a better place for all.


Transformative Solution: Introducing UriCap Female for Sustainable Urine Management


Existing solutions for urine management have a significant negative impact on the environment.

Between 2,5 % to 5% of all garbage produced are adult pads and diapers, where appr. 50% goes to landfills and 50 % are incinerated contributing significantly to CO2 emission and potential ground contamination.

In addition, diapers and pads require large volumes for storage and transportation.

All existing solutions for urine management including catheters and suction based devices reports elevated risks for urinary infections as a side effect, contributing to overuse of antibiotics and development of bacterial resistance.

The UriCap Female can reverse this trend.

  • Regular use of the UriCap Female, only at night, can reduce waste volumes and transportation over 30 times compared to diapers and pads.
  • The UriCap female is made of inert Silicone that is not spreading into the environment.
  • The UriCap Female seals the area around the urethra and protects it from contamination with E.coli.
  • It also allows the clinician to obtain a clean catch urine sample from incontinent women to accurately diagnose UTI, minimising the empirical use of antibiotics and thus development of bacteriological resistance.

Our team


Leading and caring professionals

TillaCare is an international company operating in synergy across three continents, in Israel, Sweden and the US. Under the professional leadership of our CEO, Dr Michael Cohn, TillaCare’s highly experienced core team includes experts from the fields of medicine, design and product engineering, business, and manufacturing.

The accumulated professional knowledge of our team covers all areas required to deliver an innovative, disruptive and high value product to the market.

Meet our team

TillaCare's founders and management team are all trained professionals, highly experienced in their fields

Michael Cohn

CEO & Founder

Hen Danieli


Amir Laniado

Manufacturing Manager & Founder

Sana Yassin

MPh Study Nurse

Kristi Campoe

U.S. Director, Clinical and Client Service

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Commitment of Quality

Improve life with the highest quality

At TillaCare, our commitment to quality goes much further than the Medical ISO 13485 standard our design and production processes conform to. We are committed to all those who come in contact with our products. From our partners to health care providers, caregivers and to the actual user of our urine collection management devices, our objective is for everyone to be met with full respect and transparency.

Our goal is to improve life and maintain the highest level of quality in our products and our services. We take great pride in our fast and responsive support through all channels, be it in person, via written communications, and/or through use of our material. We are committed to a positive and successful experience with our products.

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How to get in touch

TillaCare Ltd.

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TillaCare Inc.

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