TillaCare Ltd. appoints Invent Medic AB as its distributor in Sweden     

TillaCare Ltd. is happy to announce that it entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Invent Medic AB in Sweden regarding the product UriCap Female, an innovative urine collection device for incontinent women.

UriCap Female is new to the Swedish market and is currently sold in the US, Israel and in the UK. The collaboration means that Invent Medic is the first distributor for TillaCare within the EU. During the first quarter of 2024, Invent Medic will introduce the product to the Swedish healthcare industry and position it for future procurements.

Invent Medic has won tenders for the procurement of their own product, Efemia bladder support, which is aimed at active women with stress urinary incontinence, in most of the 21 regions in Sweden. Adding UriCap Female to their product portfolio is a natural step since the same people within the regions are responsible for both procurement and prescription of this product category. In addition to helping women with urine incontinence they will offer the health care sector a powerful way of reducing its environmental impact by reducing the amount of waste.

TillaCare’s product, UriCap Female is an innovative female external urine catheter and a safe solution for incontinent women that can be used instead of invasive catheters or disposable diapers for urine collection and also urine sampling. This type of solution has previously only been available to men. Thanks to its unique design that does not include glue, UriCap Female is both gentle and pleasant to use.